A Poem[[not mine but yeah]]

October 23, 2007

I know i cant have you

I know I cant be with you.

But some how i want to be.


To be by your side.

To talk to you and just hang out.

And to see your smiling face.

I know I wont though.


Without you I’d fall apart.

And I’m here waiting,

Hoping that you’ll catch me.

And hold me tight and protect me.

But I know you wont be there.


I know I’ll have to live a loneful life

without you by my side

to hold me and protect me.

to care for me and to love me.

but to tell you the truth….

without you I’d die.


Bands that Wrok my wrld!!

August 21, 2007

Ok today was sooo borring i had no homewrk….so i decided to make dish list of all da bands i like….yeah bordom suckss….

1]      Jonas brothers—JONAS BROS. 


2]      —FALL OUT BOY


3]     My Chemical Romance —MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE


5]   Green Day—Green Day

**Yeaaah my 5 favorite bands, i would do more…but i dnt hav dat much time sooo seeeyaaaa!!!!**

On friday, High School Musical 2 came out…my sister whose a big fan played the movie like the whole WEEKEND!!! FRIDAY-SATURDAY-SUNDAY…and NOW!!! OMG i cant get this one song out of my head, ‘You Are the Music in Me’. Well the movie was good…actualy better that the first one yeep yeep. But the one thing that I HATE bout the movie is this one girl Vanessa Hudgens voice…OMG it’s soooo nasally!!! It’s soooo annoying!!! WEll overall i give it bout 3 *** stars….yeah….NA NA NA NA NA….. grrr

summer vaca so far…

July 22, 2007

well summer for me has been very bery busy!! i barely had any time to go onto the computer, my family has been going out for like every day!!! New things that happened…well meez got a new cellphone000000000000000.jpg 

but it broke like after 3 weeks then meez got a  atoher new 1 to replace it…it’s the new chocolate by LG…not the old one…. ou no the frst one but yea….more later on!!!

July 22, 2007


[[put this up for u pickle ahahahahaha now go throw up!!]]

Why is that sad look in your eyes

Why are you crying

Tell me now, tell me now

Tell me why youre feeling this way

I hate to see you so down, oh baby

Is it your heart

Oh, breaking into pieces

Makin you cry

Makin you blue

Is there anything I can do?

Why dont you tell me where it hurts

Now baby

And I’ll do my best to make it better

I’ll do my best to make the tears all go away

Just tell me where it hurts

now tell me

And I’ll love you with a love so tender

And if you let me stay, I’ll love all of the hurt away…

[[im putting a waring because this stuff is sick!!! if you dont want to see people’s bones popping out and blood…dont watch this!!! i’m only putting this up for ma sick cousin rendell….but watchis your man enough!!!]]

[[Also dont  do any of these stupid stuff please!!!]]

lol me and jana made a hot list of all the celebs frm thee philippines and here in america…sooo….enjoy….lol  


1] Gerald Anderson  275371047_2c8f1f3f26.jpg

2] Kenneth Anderson [[no picture sorry -.-]]

3] Sam Milby  sam.jpg

4] Piolo Pascual  piolo.jpg

5] Chris Evans  chris.jpg

6] Channing Tatum chaning.jpg


Ok so Father’s day was like 2 das ago…but i didnt go on the coputer till 2day, how sad… On Father’s day, me and my sisters decided to do something special for our dad, we decided to make him cards and breakfast…my mom’s gonna take us 2 Chili’s 4 dinner. WE made the cards, and i made him breakfast, i passed out after i made him breakfast cuz of my allergies and i took medicen that makes me sleepy…ZZZZ….. My sisters told me that my dad liked the eggs and bacon i made and that he liked the cards w made….yaddayadda….

Wen we wnt to Chili’s the ppl messed up our orders…they burt me and my moms steak, mistakin fries for rice and forgot that we ordered fajitas!!! my mom was MAD!! BUt in the end our dinner which was $70 was free….the manager told us that it was on the house…ad after we finished our meal and had gone outside m dad yelled “BEST FATHERS DAY EVER!!!” everyone looked at us and some dad’s also yelled out best fathers day ever too….funny but embarrassing -.-  but my dad had a good time sooo yeah….IM HAPPY!!!